Here is something I posted on our Facebook page about him: Thunder was born in August 1997 and came to our farm as a weanling. He became one of our 4-H Club llamas, and helped "train" many of the young kids to do performance and showmanship. We could always count on Thunder to go anywhere and do just about anything. Thunder carried the pack on our treks and led the way on a feather light lead, even just a few weeks ago he did 3 treks with full grace and willingness. I will always remember one trek where a 3 year old girl led Thunder the whole way, what a great gentleman he was. Thank you to all that came to love Thunder throughout the years. We hope his spirit will be around us daily, as we go through our lives here at the farm. Maybe we'll hear his hum for the fan to be turned on, or his loud yawn that made us laugh out loud, or maybe we'll see a flicker of those gray eyes of his. I hope we'll "feel" him standing near us craving love and a back or head rub as he did for so many years. This is a huge loss for us.

And, here is a wonderful blog written by a farm visitor. It was to be Thunder's last Trek on our farm. I couldn't go because we had a baby (cria) born, but, my husband offered to in my place. Click here to read blog post.

(Thank you, Gail Welter, for these photos of Thunder and me, and a special photo of Thunder's eye (can you see the reflection?))