Dakota Ridge Farm was established in 1990 when we obtained our first llama, Dakota, as a wedding present from Gary to Katrina. Since then, many more of these regal, magical and mystical creatures have arrived.

Located in beautiful upstate New York, just south of Saratoga Springs, Dakota Ridge Farm is situated on 42 acres of woods, creek side, ponds and pastures. We offer farm tours, llama treks, animal assisted therapy (including special needs groups), educational visits, as well as llama sales, and rescue and re-homing of llamas. Our farm has had visitors from as far away as China, Japan, Australia, and all parts of the U.S.

We can’t say enough about what our venture into the llama industry has done for us. Llamas display a serenity and dignity that is regal, quiet, stress relieving, and awe-inspiring to say the least. What began as a hobby has provided immeasurable joy to us and our family of boarders. Our mission: To spread the word about these magical and mystical creatures….with love! From our own herd of over 40 llamas, we offer animals that will fill a variety of purposes. You may be looking for a lovable companion, a show animal, a pack animal, or a source of exquisite fiber. Having carefully bred the best to the best for over 30 years, we have produced a collection of top quality llamas. Many of our llamas come from the famous Berry Acres Llamas (BAL) and they raised very elegant, large, conformationally correct llamas that were consistently winners in the show rings across the country. Make an appointment to come by and share our joy in raising llamas. We have always been here mentoring new owners and it is a pleasure for us.