Our priority is to protect and visitors and any volunteers, so we are following the guidelines of NYS and the CDC:

1. Everyone must practice Social Distancing (of at least six feet) and wear a mask or cloth face-covering to cover nose and mouth in areas where six feet of social distance cannot be maintained. Our Treks and Tours are all PRIVATE, so you will not be exposed to anyone other than your group.
2. We have hand sanitizers in or outside all the barns and a garage bathroom where you can wash your hands. We will have masks on hand in case you need one.
3. If you have been in close contact in the past 14 days with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 or who has or had symptoms of COVID-19, we ask that you do not visit us at this time.

We are now offering Virtual Farm Tours and Cameos!

*You need to make an appointment to schedule a Farm Tour.  The Farm is open Wednesday through Sunday. 

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TREKS WITH A LLAMA (Generally held between 11 am and 5 pm, pleasant weather conditions are best). Treks available Spring (April/May/June) and Fall (September/October/November) only.

Enjoy our guided woodland trails as you lead your “own” llama. The treks are PRIVATE, so you will not be in a large group.  Please wear comfortable shoes or boots (no open-toed shoes), especially if we have had rain, it could be muddy in spots. You may want to bring bug spray, a rain coat, and bottled water.  The hike is usually at a slow, easy pace and lasts approximately one hour. There are 2 steep hills on the trail.  Photos and selfies are encouraged.  $35.00 for adults, $30 for Veterans, and $25.00 for children 15 years and under.  Infants (age 2 and under) are free.


If you like, we invite you to bring lunch and use the picnic tables on the trail.  The llamas will carry everything for you.  Due to the extra time for the hike, the cost is $45.00 for adults, $40 for Veterans, and $35.00 for children 15 years and under.  Infants (age 2 and under) are free.

*For large groups of over 10 people, you will be able to sign up, but, will have to share a llama.  We will take 10 llamas on the trail at one time.  All walkers need to pay to go on the trek.  If you have a very large group, please contact us.

Children must be 10 years old to lead a llama (or they can share with an adult or older child).
If you have any questions or concerns, please email to 

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